You’ve probably heard about the 80 percent rule. This is a popular rule of thumb we use as a measurement when determining comfortable seating for our church venues.

It states that a church is too full when the average attendance exceeds 80 percent of the sanctuary seating capacity. Simply put, even if the room may only be 80 percent full, the perception is that it’s completely full, lending to a less comfortable experience for church-goers.

As we monitor our weekly attendance for all services, our 10 am service at the Central Campus is consistently over 80 percent. Further, this is the service where we see the most first time guests.

We’re always looking for ways to maximize to the best of our ability. Years ago, this included the expansion of our building. More recently, we’ve experimented with adding services, changing service times, and even launching our East Campus.

So what do we do about this now? That’s where you come in.

Our vision is heavily centered on reaching our city. I love those who call Meadowbrook home, but my heart also burns for those who don’t have a church home yet. That’s why I am challenging you to consider making the SWITCH!

If you currently attend 10 am at the Central campus, please pray about switching to one of the following:

  • 8:30 am at Central
  • 11:30 am at Central
  • East Campus (times are 10 am and 11:30 am)

This small adjustment will position us to better serve the many guests who show up to our Central campus at 10 am. By doing this simple thing, you are helping someone find Jesus and a church family!