November 5-11, 2022

SERVE Week is an amazing opportunity to bless our community as many will go out and show the love of Christ through real and tangible ways. 

Ways to Serve

Select an option below to read more about the variety of ways in which you can help us serve our community.

  • Below are the dates and details for current opportunities. For any questions, email

    Saturday, November 5 | Walk for Life

    Walk For Life is a two-mile, fun, family-friendly celebration of life! Join us a “Fundraising Walker” and raise funds for the ministry of Education for Life. Money raised during our annual Walk For Life impacts countless women, men, and families each year. For more information visit

    Saturday, November 5 | Saddlewood Elementary

    Join us for a morning of serving at Saddlewood Elementary on Saturday, November 5 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am. We will be cleaning, painting, pressure washing, landscaping, and praying all around the campus. This will be a fun and memorable project for all ages. For questions, please email


    Sunday, November 6 | Bags by the Bumper  

    Bags by the Bumper is coming up on Sunday, November 6! Just in time for the holidays, this outreach is all about collecting food items that will bless those in need this Thanksgiving. 

    1. Bring your grocery bags filled with non-perishable food items. 
    2. Place your bags by the bumper of your car before you go into service. 
    3. Our Dream Team will pick them up. 

    It's that simple. We love partnering with you to impact our community. 

    Friday, November 11th | Night of Worship 

    We are incredibly excited for our annual Night of Worship event! This will be a time for the whole family to come out and spend time seeking Jesus together under the leadership of MBC Worship. 

  • These are small-scale projects, organized by Small Group leaders. If you're in a group, ask your group leader if they plan to do a project. If you're not in a group, stop by the Group Hub in the main hall, or email

  • An "Act of Kindness" is a personal gesture that you can easily do on your own, at any time. Here is a list of ideas to get your started:

    • Leave treat bags and handwritten notes for your delivery drivers.
    • Pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru.
    • Tip 100% of your bill at a restaurant.
    • Do a prayer walk in your community.
    • Voice record a prayer for a loved one and text it to them.
    • Leave encouraging messages around town in sidewalk chalk.
    • Put together a dinner kit for a family in need.
    • Donate blood to your local blood bank.
    • Clean up a widow or single parent’s yard.
    • Help with home cleanup or repairs for those who are physically or financially unable to do it themselves.
    • Clean up or help with new landscaping at a local school.