What is Growth Track?

Growth Track guides you to discover your purpose and live out the life that God created for you. It is designed to help you to follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover your purpose, and serve others. We're so excited to meet you on this journey!

Meeting Times:

  • Central Campus: Every Sunday at 11 am in room 101.

Getting Started

Growth Track Book

To make your experience seamless at home, we've made the Growth Track book available as a digital PDF. Click here to download it now.


DISC is the tool we use to help you discover how God has designed you. In Step 2 of Growth Track, you'll complete a series of questions that provides insight about your personality and gifts. Download the test here.

Dream Team App

The Dream Team is how we do ministry at Meadowbrook. Every week, it takes hundreds of faithful people volunteering on teams to make it happen. It is through this that we find fulfillment. At the conclusion of Growth Track, you'll have the opportunity to join the team! Here is the online application.

  • Step One

    Join the family

    Learn the spiritual journey that God has for each of us-to follow Jesus. You will also become acquainted with the story, vision, and values of Meadowbrook, and find out how to connect with our church family.

  • Step Two

    Join the Team

    Discover how your personal and spiritual makeup reveals a path to your purpose and your best fit in ministry. Learn more about the opportunities available at Meadowbrook to live out your purpose and serve others by joining the Dream Team.