A Teaching Series at Meadowbrook

Anxiety turns rational fear into a runaway train of emotions. Soon “What if something happens” becomes “When something happens.” It causes us to hyperfocus on what could be, leading to an overwhelming sense of worry, nervousness, and unease. It cripples us socially and costs us relationally. But life doesn’t have to be this wayGod gives us remedies and tools for both physical and circumstantial anxiety. Use this page to listen to the series, be encouraged by our team, browse resources or connect with someone on our Care Team.

Join Us in Person

This eight-week series begins on Sunday, November 4, 2018. Service times can be found on our LOCATIONS page. 

The Series

You can go back at any time to watch or listen to Anti-Anxiety, as well as other past teaching series, here.

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Most everyone deals with, or has dealt with, anxiety in some form during their life. However, the reality is that most people don't open up about it. This can lead many to feeling like they're facing it alone.

We're passionate about using our own experiences to help others. Be encouraged by these accounts from some of our team.

  • Ricardo Zelaya

    Dream Team Director

    There was a time where I couldn’t define what I was experiencing. Simply put, I didn’t comprehend that I was anxious. But reality hit, anxiety is real, and I wasn’t alone. What helped was the realization that God loves me enough to be with me in those times. Also, He created community, because we cannot overcome alone.

  • Susan Rains

    Community Life Director

    Perfectionism led me down a path of “I’m not enough”. I struggled with depression and anxiety at different levels for years. With the help of the Holy Spirit and a counselor, I began to understand what God thinks about me. I’m no longer a spectator in life – I live in the messiness of life and enjoy the journey. Because of this transformation, I feel joy and contentment every day. Because of Him, I am enough – whatever God has in store for me – I am enough.

  • Nick McDuffee

    Next Gen Pastor

    At times I have struggled with the feeling that I should be farther along in life. Comparing my life to the influence and impact of others robbed me of joy, gratitude, and peace. If I’m not careful, it is easy for comparison to breed anxiety and worry in my heart.

  • Sean Forte

    East Campus Pastor

    One of the ways I overcome anxiety is to refocus my mind and spirit. It helps me to go back to a place (mentally and spiritually) where I wasn’t feeling anxious and refocus my perspective.

  • Ashton Wade

    East Campus admin

    I’ve been acquainted with anxiety for as long as I can remember. The hardest part has been that it isn’t always something I feel I can explain to others. Most, if not all of it, pertaining to doubts in self-worth, interactions with others, and ability to find meaning in daily life. Thank God, no feeling is final. I've opened up to family, trusted friends and mentors who listen. I verbally declare the truth of who God is, what he’s done, and who I am in him each time I would start to feel anxious. Most of all, my breakthrough comes, through worship. It’s truly how I fight my battles.

  • John Green

    Next Gen Worship Director

    I used to be overcome by anxiety in an instant. My thoughts would take me out of enjoying the present, and confine me to the cage of my mind. After seeking Godly counsel, I was able to open that cage and find that there is freedom in asking for help. Once I came forward with my struggles, the enemy didn’t have much to work with it. Now, I am more equipped to deal with anxiety when it arises.

  • Bridget lynch

    East Campus Guest Experience

    I've faced anxiety that was a lot to overcome, but as I prayed through the fear of the unknown, I could feel a peace that cannot be understood in words. Are there things I would change? Maybe. But I’ve learned from my past, which is always the goal of trials and tribulations. Learn from it so you can help those that God brings in your path. 

  • mike quistad

    technical arts director

    I have faced anxiety over my own doctor reports, and that of my children and parents, several times. I have faced anxiety at work. I am in a season of life that my parents are aging and needing to make changes. There are a number of uncertainties about the days and years ahead for my parents. Philippians 4:7 provides a brand of peace that helps settle my mind and heart from going places it needn't.