Jul 31 - Aug 2

Bayside Community Church  |  Bradenton, FL

XII Conference is Florida’s premier 3-day youth conference designed to transform students into fully devoted followers of Christ. Hear from some of the leading voices in our generation, experience powerful worship, and have a lot of fun. This event is hosted by Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, FL. To learn more about the speakers or the event schedule, visit xiiconference.com.


The conference cost is $175 per student. This includes transportation, food, lodging, and admission. 

Pay Here

Sponsor a Student

As a church, we made it a goal to send 100 of our 6-12 graders to the conference this year. Because of your generosity, we have raised $21,481! This has allowed us to drop the price from $350 to $175 per student. Also, making additional scholarships available so that finances will not stop any teen from attending.

This will be a life-changing time that will draw students closer to God! If you’d still like to help invest in a teen's life by being a financial sponsor, please let us know!

Over 80% of lifetime Christians make decisions for Christ before turning 18! We must do whatever it takes to encourage our teens to draw closer and closer to Jesus. Thank you in advance for helping make it possible for every teen to go to the Xll Conference.